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Is there a good Anime about LEsbos?
Is there something that is all about like the love and stuff like that between ppl?

ps. I wanna be horny ^^
Look up "yuri", but there ware varying degrees of it

If you want something "harder" that's hentai
Anime help!!!!! please help me!!!?
hi my friend is a huge fan of anime....but then she discovered about anime porn hentai....then she keeps locking her room to watch this stuff and look at anime pics that are LESBOS!!!!

PLEASE HELP HER!!! SHE WONT EVEN LET ME HELP HER!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's natural, you don't really need to help her, let her enjoy herself.

Hehe, you can help her to stop, but gradually, play some sports, go out, anything that might withdraw her attention to hentai.

You just can't tell an addict to stop, it takes time.

She can still play with herself, but tell her to at least lessen it.

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