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Why are the women in *** parade doing what they are doing?
Why are the women in *** parade doing what they are doing? Why? Do we call these women prostitute? Are they prostitute? Just asking without any offense meant to anyone?
fun and its their lifestyle
Where to find *** parade videos?
does anyone know where i can find torrent files for *** parade?
phazeddl or simply put, search for glory lol
Are the asses in *** parade for Real? I believe they're manipulated by special lens to make 'em round and big.?
Are those asses in *** parade site for Real? I believe they are manipulated by special lens to make them appear round and big except for the asses of alexis texas, vida guerra, olivia o'lovely whose asses are really that big, huge and round. I've seen them personally. But for others, Can we believe our eyes? Can we believe what we see in that site? Are they really big and round asses or they are manipulated?
You shouldn't be looking at that stuff young man, it poisons your mind. I know it's pretty, but you need to stop.
What is *** parade and why is it organised ?
I've heard about '*** PARADE' and seen pics and videos also on internet. some questions r here !
what is *** pararade and how is it organised ?
is it real or espacially made 4 internet only ? if it's real :-
what is the guidelines for this ?
the asses r real as shown online videos and pics or it have been increased by using lens to make them roung and large ?
anyone ? any idea ? thnx. for ur time !
which type of ppls could enjoy this ?
is it not illegal in the countries ?
WHAT ????
Are there any one who knows about photography and its techniques? Are the asses in *** parade for real?
Are the asses in *** parade website for real? Or those asses are manipulated by special lens or photographic effects to make those asses big, huge and round? I believe they are manipulated by special photographic effect and lens to make them big, huge and round except for the asses of alexis texas, vida guerra and olivia o'lovely because they're for real. But for the other women, Am I right in saying they're asses are manipulated? Are there any photographic expert here who can answer my questions? Thank you
I think you are obsessed with the manipulation of asses. I'm not going to look at the website.
What will the low lever Yankee hater thugz be doing here when we are at the parade tomarrow?
Will they be asking Yankees Payroll questions over and over again amongst themselves while we are partying our asses off on Broadway?

Should I go to the parade, or stick around my computer so I could answer another 50 payroll questions?
Go to the parade and have a good time. Fans can't do anything about getting a salary cap implemented. I just find it a shame that my Aunt/Uncle couldn't afford to take their guys to a Yankees game this season due to extremely high costs in ticket prices and food/drinks.
Why do some have to put feathers up their *** during pride?
Now I'm not a homophobe. I couldn't care less if my son would become gay. I don't care what people put in where behind closed doors.

But I hate the Pride parade. Men walking around in thongs and a couple of feathers. Putting cucumbers and what not up their *** to show how proud they are.

Why do some do it? In what way does it symbolize their pride in their sexual orientation?
even though everyone is getting a little offended...i understand your question..

im from California, and when i went to pride, i always wondered how men walking around in g strings and feathers symbolized pride?? twig and berries all out for the world to see? by no means am i homophobic, IM A LESBIAN...but i hate when people do things like that, even the woman...walking around in mens pants and ties WITH A shirt...breasts hanging...and do they get arrested? NO! i swear the police act scared of the LGBT community in San Fran.

they are just outrageous, i wish it would stop toO.
Anyone know where i can buy the outfit worn by My Chemical Romance in their black parade video?
U know the full black outfit they are wearing in the video with the white bits on the front etc

Must be available for sale somewhere just cant find anywhere yet

Any ideas?

I dont want some cheap *** knock off look alike **** i want something that was officially made and is a replica exactly of what they wore in the video

The band never officially sold Black Parade uniforms, but some look-a-likes out there are almost exactly the same as the ones MCR has. Criminal Damage probably has the best uniforms.

Here are some links for the uniforms:……………

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