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Breast pump?
Could somebody advice me on which breast pump to get and how much should I spend on the same.
I will be on maternity leave for 3.5 months. After that I will be going to work and my mother in law will be taking care of the baby. I want to continue breast feeding (pumping and storing in refrigerator). I am so confused on what type of breast pump to get - manual or automated.. also high end or low end... which brand etc..
I work full-time and have an Ameda.

It's over a year old and still runs like a top. It was $200.00 and paid for itself in the first 3 months because I never used formula. She is 14 months old now and still nursing.

I love the fact that it was easy to clean, easy to set up, easy to break down and quick. It's also a closed system- so no milk contamination.

If you are going back to work you are going to need a professional grade pump.

I pumped before I left and 3 times at work and never needed the supplementation of formula. As well, I pumped once each day on the weekend to build my freezer supply up from the week. I also started pumping when she was 5 weeks old to build up my freezer supply for when I went back to work- she was 10 weeks old when I returned to work.

I was confused too until I spoke to the lactation consultant at the hospital where my daughter was born. They only rent out Ameda's because the Medela's had a problem with the milk backing up and getting clogs in the system. I had later read this is an issue and didn't want to chance it.

Whatever pump you go with, order a complete set of replacement parts for your pump- for the Ameda- it was the silicone inserts, the plastic valves that attach to the breast flanges and the breast falanges. They came in handy- and only took 3 days to get to me when I ordered.

Good luck to you and congrats!
Breast pump?
Is it okay to breast pump a few weeks before my baby is due? I've heard that pumping may stimulate contractions.
Here is something I found for you!

Nipple Stimulation to Self-induce

This is a practice often recommended by midwives when a woman is long past due or when labor is stalled. Nipple stimulation causes the release of oxytocin, the same hormone that causes uterine contractions. Many women report, however, that the contractions produced from this method are much stronger and more painful than natural labor, but are not any more effective. Please note: In order to use this method for induction, you must stimulate the nipples for long periods of time. The usual recommendation is 15 minutes of continual stimulation on each nipple each hour for several hours. So, the amount of stimulation you may experience during intimacy, while nursing an older guy, or while pumping your breasts while pregnant will not cause you to go into labor. The general recommendation on these activities is to abstain from them when your condition warrants doctor recommended pelvic rest. Please check with your practitioner before trying this.
Breast Pump?
I am looking for a good double electric breast pump for a reasonable cost. I am really not willing to pay $150-$200 for it just incase for some reson breastfeeding doesn't work out for me and wold hate to waist that money if I'm only going to get a few uses out of it. Any suggestions would be wonderfull.
I paid 70 at most for my electric pump. that was at wal-mart i think they have a manual one too. that one was really inexpensive. I would try the manual one first. I liked the electric one better but i really was uncomfortable with renting a breast pump. I know they are clean but it gave me the creeps. If you like the manual then switch to the electric one after a few days check out on line sites to compare prices. there are different kinds at walmart for varying prices.
What breast pump do you recommend and what bottles go with it?
I am planning on breast feeding and since I will have to have surgery on my ear (osteoma) about 2-4 weeks after the guydo is born I will need to pump and store 1-2 days worth of milk. Also, feel it will be easier when I go back to work and when I am in classes. What pump did you use and like best? Also, what bottles go with what pump (or can any bottles be used)? What kind of accessories will I need to look into getting as well?
All of the medela electric pumps are great. They are on the expensive side but you do get what you pay for when it comes to pumps. I know a couple women who have settled for cheaper pumps and have been very dissatisfied with comfort, speed, etc. I have the Pump in Style Advanced and it seems to be the most affordable and useful for someone needing to use it as you described in your question. You can pump your milk directly into medela storage bags or you can pump into bottles and transfer into milk storage bags you just have to decide what works best for you. I preferred pumping into bottles and transferring to milk storage bags. I used milk storage bottles that I received at the hospital and I also pumped into regular cheap 8 ounce bottles from Wal-mart but I used Avent bottles when I bottle fed. The type of bottle you use when bottle feeding is kind of up to the baby and what the baby likes. The most popular ones seem to be Dr. Brown's brand, Avent and Playtex.

As far as pump accessories, everything you need to get started comes with the pump, including the nice carrying bag so you can take it to work easily. You will need additional milk storage bottles or milk storage bags but other than that, you will be all set with everything that comes in the box when you buy the pump. One more thing that you might have to buy are the breast shields. The pump comes with shields but they are a standard size so if you are larger or smaller you'll need to get a new set. You can buy new Medela pumps online, at Target and at babies R Us. If you want a new one, I would recommend trying to get a group of people to contribute to that gift such as coworkers, siblings or grandparents or asking for gift cards to the store you want to purchase the pump from. You can also buy used breast pumps from ebay and craigslist but Medela does not recommend using used personal pumps. My pump was used! Hope this helps.
How does a double electric breast pump work?
I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and wondering how does a double electric breast pump work? Does it stay on my breast by itself or do I need to hold it? Do I pump both breasts at the same time? How do I stay covered up for privacy while pumping?
I would do it in a room alone because the more quiet and relaxing your experience the more milk that will come out. You do need to hold them both on. But, I had trouble doing two at a time. I felt more relaxed nursing on one wide and pumping on the other. Then I would switch. It really is about your comfort and you relaxing. If you can't be alone I would cover with a little nursing blanket or thin comfy blanket.
What breast pump do you ladies recommend?
I'm due in December and trying to get things ready for baby's arrival. Is there a specific breast pump (or type of pump) you ladies prefer? Has a certain brand or style really not worked for you? I want to add one to my registry but I'm not sure what to get. I plan on breastfeeding/pumping for at least 6-8 months or as long as possible... I'll be returning to school shortly after that. I just want to make sure there's bottles around for the baby so hubby and other people can take over some times.

I used the Medela electric breast pump and loved it. It had many different settings so it was nice for days when I was already sore.
How do you keep a breast pump sterile between pumpings at work?
I just started working again and I do pump at work. I bring a sterilised breast pump from home, but, obviously, it is no longer sterile after the first pumping. Thus, I get only 1 batch of milk to feed to my baby. How can I keep the pump sterile for 2 pumpings?
Does your work have a microwave??? Medela has these great microwavable sterilizing bags for your breast pump accessories. It's called the Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam Bags.
What is the best breast pump a pregnant women can buy?
I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and want to breast feed my baby when he is born. I will be returning to work and want to know what is the best breast pump I can buy. I need one that is affordable, convient, and works well. Any suggestions.
I used many affordable breast pumps after I had my two guys. None worked for me except for this one. All the others took me at least 45 minutes to pump what I needed. This one isn't very affordable but I highly recommend it. If you buy the cheaper ones your wasting your money and you can't return breast pumps. I bought all the cheap ones and then bought this one. I would have saved tons if someone had told me just to buy the expensive one.…
What is a good reasonably priced breast pump?
I am pregnant with my second guy and I bottle fed my first. I am planning on feeding my second guy breast milk, but I am wanting to pump instead of breastfeed. I am wondering what the difference is between a expensive pump and a $50 pump? I plan on purchasing it from walmart, i just dont know what to get. Please help!
Is there a reason you are choosing to pump instead of breastfeeding? As someone who has had to pump exclusively for her twins for the past 10 months it is NOT a lifestyle I would recommend.

However, if you decide to pump exclusively then:

1. You will need to either rent a hospital grade pump or buy a high quality electric such as the Medela Pump in Style ($350) or the Ameda Purely Yours ($250).

2. Be sure to rent or purchase a pump that has the car adapter and battery pack. If you are pumping exclusively there will be times you will need to sit in the car and pump because you are away from home or sit in a bathroom and pump with the battery pack because there are no outlets nearby. Pumping exclusively means that you have to pump every 3 hours or risk losing your supply. It's not like breastfeeding where the baby stimulates the supply.

3. Most $50 pumps are manual and there is no way that you will be able to keep up a supply pumping full time with a manual pump.

4. You'll also need to purchase collection bottles, storage bags, and a steam sterilizer.

Good luck and congrats!
Where can i find medela breast pump in style for a good prize?
i am due in May 2nd week and i am planning to breast feed and work, can anybody tell me, where can i find medella breast pump in style with a good prize?
and also when should i buy it? after the baby is born? or before ? and when should i start using it? immediately from the 1st day/ week or after 1 month.
I actaully i have an extra pump, if you want to email me off site.

I got a hand pump from the hospital, and used that right away. I wish i had an electric pump from the beginning. I was so engorged when my milk came in, I had to pump, just for some relieft.

I have read you can start pumping whenever you want to, as it will help to increase your milk supply. my doctor had me pumping at the hospital before i left. If you do, you want to make sure you nurse you baby first, and let you baby east as much as they want, and then pump after.

You can always ask your doctor when they think you should start. I did, because my daughter had jaundice bad, and we had to make sure she was getting enough, so I supplemented and pumped to get my milk in, and once it was in, i was able to give her a bottle of breastmilk instead of formula.

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