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Do girls like a guy with a bubble butt?
i'm all around pretty skinny but i have a large bubble butt. do girls like it?
Some do.
Should I keep my bubble butt?? Girls and guys welcome!?
Im a 15 year old boy and im 6ft2 205 pounds.I started doing butt exercises(deadlift and lunges) in March. One day while I was in class i got up and this girl spanked me and told me I had a bubble butt, so I took this as a sign that i do. I went home and looked at it, and it looks really big for a guy,and alos very round. and im not fat either, im muscular, SO should i keep working out and it make it even bigger? OR should i try to make it smaller? Its not fat at all, If i turn to the side i can see the definition of my butt lol.What should I do?!?!?! I like it but I wana know what people think!!!
GIRLS?i have a bubble butt?
im a guy that has a curvy/bubble butt

do girls think its hot or nice for guys to have this?
It does not make you look gay, don't listen to these people.
It depends how big your butt is. I mean does it like stick out very far? That may look weird, but girls that truly matter wouldn't mind. Don't waste your time on shallow people.

A boy in my class has a pretty large butt, and a lot of us girls like it. Ha.
Girls, do you call it a bubble butt or booty?
I'm 16 and biraical, half black/half white and have a small waist and large bubble butt. I prefer to call it a bubble butt instead of booty. What do you call it?
I ignore mine. But it has been called a bubble butt by my brothers.
Girls with bubble butts do you struggle to pull panties up?
I'm having trouble finding the "right" underwear for my bubble butt. I want to wear all the cute boy shorts and "cheeky" things but because of my big butt I struggle to pull panties up.
I have a feeling you dont actually want to know that.
For guys is it good for girls to have a bubble butt?
people say this to me and i dont get it?
haha yeah it means you butt is plump and round lmaoo..good compliment guys like girls with big butts
Why do guys like a girl with a bubble butt?
Now i am 5'5 around 130, and i am skinny on top with no boobs ( there little) and my butt, its like a bubble butt, but i like it.. now my question is why do boys like it? Just why?Why Do you have to look, its not like girls stand in font of guys and look at their junk all day. Lol so thats my question...can you answer it?
More cushion for the pushin'
Guys who love girls with bubble-butts?
Hey. Not talking about disgusting lard butts.

Talking about guys who love girls with nice bubble butts like kardishan and the types.

I have one question.

Butt-Guys, you know who you are, and I gues girls with a nice butts can answer this as well.

Butt-Guys= Do you want anal sex since you are obsessed with the butt? Or do you view it just as a nice thing and want normal sex only?

Butt-Girls= Does it seem that all the guys that are obsessed with you butt want anal from you or not really?

Thanks for the insight.
y do you care what kind of sex people with big butts have are you crazy get a life?!

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