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Anyone knows where to download the Cuckold movie 2009.?
Anyone knows where to download the Cuckold movie 2009. It's already released in DVD. Megaupload rapidshare torrent links are welcome
try searching on the sites listed on
I''m black, but where can I find more racial/racist porn movies?
I am black, but recently I've liked the racial porn from Shane Diesel, Spring Thomas and a few cuckold videos. I have recently gotten excited when hearing the "N' word. Where can I find more like this?

P.S. If you are here to give a lecture I don't really care, I know it's weird and wrong.
Does it seem like actress Tilda Swinton always plays a cheating wife in most movies?
Like Young Adam, Benjamin Button and several others I can't think's like she enjoys cuckolding roles most as an acting preference...why is this? anyone know?
In The Beach, she's a dominating biwitchy control freak who makes poor Leo sleep with her, but she's single. I think she plays that part though in Burn After Reading, yes, she does with George Clooney.
Where to find violin sheet music from the movie Master and Commander?
Where to find violin sheet music from the movie Master and Commander?
I'm absolutely DYING to play Richard Tognetti's version of Cuckold comes out of the Amery from Master and Commander. Anyone know where I can get the Violin sheet music ?????
Try here…
How come you rarely come across a very attractive man with a super-hottie female and vice versa?
I see such pairings only in movies or television. The superhottie females I see in real life shack up with some good-for-nothing losers or fat businessmen who allow them flirt with any man that makes a move on the wife. I rarely see them committed or together -there's one such gorgeous stargazer at my office. I never see her husband around and she enjoys flirting with all sorts of men. In fact, she would often travel alone for holidays without her husband in tow. I also meet her wimpy husband a few times and would never trade places with that cuckold king.

Also, you see some gorgeous hunky dudes and guess what, they're dating some freako females out there that have facial hair, lots of pimples on the face, are fat or too tiny for their sizes. In fact, one common combination I often see is a 6 foot 4 inch tall handsome hunky guy with a 4 foot 10 inch female!!!!!


the part of giant men with midget women are sooo true.
looks like a circus performance.
What do you find most attractive about each race of men (women only)?
I’m bi-sexual. But I’m opened to dating any race men or women. Name what you find most attractive about each race of men. Below are mine from what I‘ve observed:

Asian men (Japanese/ Chinese):
Brown like skin
The fact that they’re easy to get along with
Variety eye colour
Silky like hair
Close to white
Their movies

White men:
Variety in eye colour blue/ green
Variety in hair colour and silky hair
Casual dress code
Creamy skin
Knight in shining armour

Latin m:
Olive skin
Hair variety
Eye colour variety

Black men:
Repel asian women away
Burnt tan from hell
Overgrown lips
Large 8 inch cuckold wanting wang
Excuse for cotton hair known as fungi
Monkey like scent
Deadbeat fathers
Beat women to death
Act white by trying acting like a human public
The fact that all non white parents hate them
Non black wm date them out of guilt
Their skin colour is a crap stain on non-black women’s skin
Best trait: no women want them/ not even bw (only what you see on tv)
Not really masculine check links below:

As I said I am open to dating all races. If I can date black men, I can sure as hell date aliens. So ladies list the attributes you find attractive in each race of man.
Wow! you got a lot to say about black men considering you're 'open to dating all races'. Sounds like you've already prejudged them. I'm sorry that this is the only perception you have had of them. I am not attracted to black men because most of the ones i've met have had the same sort of personality .... very flashy, showy and wandering eye. i'm just down to earth.
I've dated japanese, arab, latino and caucasian but none of them was down to looks but more of how i related to them and vice versa.
In what ways did the movie Fireproof change your life and marriage?
My husband and I sat down not too long ago and saw the movie Fireproof. It made us look at our marriage in a COMPLETELY different way. It was shortly after we saw the movie, that my husband decided to give me the gift of Cuckolding. Now we Cuckold every weekend. I feel that Fireproof has brought that level of love and trust into our marriage so that now we can make love to other people with the full knowledge that our marriage will not suffer. It has opened our eyes and our marriage is better than ever.

How has the movie Fireproof changed your life and marriage?
Yes...I thought Drew Barrymore was great as the daughter. When she lit that man on fire for pissing her off, I told my husband I had the same power. He now is afraid to make me mad.

Or do I have the wrong movie?
I once saw a late night movie with Jennifer Tilly on a cable movie channel and want to find it?
She played the wife of a preacher (or other relighous nut) and they were abducted by a bad boy criminal. He started by forcing himself on her and soon she was into it. The cuckold hubby was powerless...I cannot find it anywhere and am wondering if this was just a sexy dream of mine????? I love Jennifer Tilly.
Are chick flicks being fair to men?
Lots of movies over time labled chick flicks or girly movies usually depict love stories and comedy.
For me though I've noticed a few things that is a common theme, thought.
That if men cheat they are losers and it's ok to trash their stuff and spend all their credit cards.
If women cheat it's viewed as soul searching so it makes it ok?

Bridges Of Madison County,
Once again a nice guy husband is cuckolded when he goes on a trip with the guys. Did that character deserve to be treated that way? As I recall, no he didn't. But women thought it was okay to do if the husband is a dull farmer and the new man is an exciting photographer in the body of Clint Eastwood.

American Beauty, the woman is cheating to feel more powerful and her husband is a jerk for having a crush on a young girl

Somethings Gotta Give, It's ok for Diane Keaton's character being unable to decide between 2 guys, one younger.

Also in many of these movies when a woman slaps a man, it's viewed as he deserved it or a comic moment.
Men are viewed as commitment shy, lazy, don't want guyren etc.

Don't worry, I enjoy some chick flicks and I'm not taking it so serious but I think it's food for thought.
LOLZ, its only a movie. Back in the day, women were portrayed as shrinking violets. When ever something went bump in the night, there would be the women screaming her head off. Very predictable and totally ridiculous. Women used to be cast as the 'back up', some guys squeeze. lolz

Once upon a time not so very long ago, it was a criminal offense for women to dress as men. So there you are crossing the untamed wilds of the USA to find and make your spot, dressed like a women. They might just as well have hung a huge sign around their necks saying 'victim, come and get it'.

Thank goodness those days are over and people can be people and not stereo typed robots, legally forced to conform to some idiotic ruling elites norm.

Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks

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