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Is it normal to *** in public?
I was in class today and I was looking at my science partner (who is very pretty). She told me that she wanted to hang out after school and study and stuff. The bell rang and she hugged me. I was walking out of the classroom and out comes an erection from my undone fly. My boxers opened up (they have an opening in the front) and out comes like a gallon of sp[erm. (exaggeration)

Is this normal?
# 1) This is the Women's Health Section
# 2) That is pretty gross you came from a hug
# 3) You don't come sperm, you come semen... sperm is in semen.
# 4) How does an erection open up your boxers and your pants? You had your penis out in school?
# 5) No it's not normal, ask a guy in the "Men's Health" section

Fake Question.
As a slave, were you ever made to wear a shirt with *** on it in public?
leather pants, shorts, skirt and a white, black, or red silk dress shirt with *** on it. i was made to wear it in public alot. has anyone else been made to do the same?
like the outfit but i'm not into being a slave.
Lately i have had the sensation that i am about to *** when im out walking, why is this?
For a ew weeks now i cannot walk a block let alone further without the strong urge to ***. I even have to fight the urge to jam my hands in my pants to masturbate. I am afraid I will *** in public. Does anyone know what is causing this?
It sounds like you're just horny.

Sometimes the seams of my pants can rub me just right and make me c um. I love it. Just enjoy the sensation and who cares about anyone else. Its all about you.

Swinging on the park why do i *** so fast?
im 16 and I wonder why when i would like go to the public park near the elementary school on weekends and i would get naked and take everything off including my underwear and swing on the swings i would *** in a few swings but like wen i masturbate it takes awhile and its only the swings lik i go in the slide many times but nothing happens. can u explain to me why i come on swings
It sounds like you have a severe case of pendulitis. Its common among gay men and is the result of the male genitalia being stimulated by a wide back and forth motion. Typically it can result in blindness, loss of blood flow to the penis and in some cases death.

Have fun!

When my girl masturbates me I can't ***...?
When my girlfriend tries to give me a hand job I almost hit the peak and then it starts to hurt in my balls then the shaft. I can never *** with her hands/mouth. What does this mean?

Only thing I can think about is because I'm shy when it comes to peeing in public I have the same shyness while doing other things too.
It could be you are feeling some nervousness or shyness, which can hinder your cumming. It's also possible that she's not doing it in a satisfactory way, either during or near climax. Sometimes when getting a hand job or other, the grip is too tight. Perhaps you can teach her how to do it better and lighter, and only speed up if required at the end without tightening the grip, and without your balls flying up and down.
Jacking off in public and getting caught?
I love to jack off in public places where other guys can walk in and catch me jerking. It is a major turn on for me to have guys see me jack off. I consider myself a straight male but the rush of doing this is so intense and it makes me *** really hard. Is this normal for any other guys?
You don't sound as straight as you think you are. You are really turned on by males in particular seeing your penis as you masturbate. Sounds like you dare males to not find some arousal in it just as you are aroused. There is a lot of experimenting you should do with the guys...Or maybe that's what you're afraid of.
Why *** is it that half no body on this site ask qestions in proper eglish?
Come on. More then half the questions asked here sound like they were written by idiots. Is this done on purpose, is the public really this ignorant or does this site just attract really ignorant people? What happened to "No Guy Left Behind"?
That's one of the (few, in my opinion) reasons why the Internet is bad....
The Internet has its own written language. Chat rooms are full of expressions like SK8 (that could be translated into ski considering that the one who wrote the word made a mistake, because 8 is above I on the keyboard, while it's skate), ?! (that means what's up) and many others.
The need to write short instead of full words probably originates from when the Internet was beginning, when the speeds were not as fast as today and people had to wait for a long period of time to communicate through the Web. So, they were trying to cut the words in order to have faster communication...
This "vocabulary" has turned into a fashion. Almost everyone uses this language. It's for people who get bored very easily.
As far as real spelling mistakes are concerned, it's because either English and American people don't know how to write correctly or there are people of other nationalities except for English and American people...
Nevertheless, everyone here should ask questions in correct English. We all must accept that English is the international language and, especially here, we must use it correctly.
It's true that the majority of questions here are written in slang English and even worse. But we, people from other nationalities, the native languages of whom are not English and who don't live in English-speaking countries, can't recognize badly-written words that easily. We learn correct English in schools and want to communicate in the English we have learned.
So, everyone here should use the language in a way that everyone can comprehense the Q&As...
How can I verify if someone went to Harvard Law?
This girl claims she graduated Magne *** Lade from Harvard Law School. Is their graduate list public domain?
you coudl call and ask for verification from the law school; you might also check with the local bar association if she's passed the bar to practice.
Who Jerks off in public?
Does any guys jerk off in public places?
I do where ever i go. I like the thrill.. I know people do it cuz there *** is on the wall....
Anyone else?
public toilet cubicles
What can I do to look good for a private college?
I'm currently a junior in high school. I've taken 11 hours of college classes so far. I thought that this would look good to the private college that I'm wanting to go to, but I've recently been informed that it doesn't.
I want to know if that does look good to colleges or not. I'd also like to know what I can do to look better for this private college.
A little information about me:
-I go to a tiny school, where AP classes are not available. [Is it possible that I still take the AP test? Could I pass it?]
-I have a 3.9 *** GPA. This is because I made a B my freshman year. [Is there any way my GPA can round up?]
-Does taking college classes during high school affect my GPA? I heard that they are worth 6.0 (and regular classes are only 4.0).
-I'm taking business club at school. My freshman year I was in FFA. I'm not wanting to do anything farm related during college, but does that still look good to colleges? Would FCA (a Christian club) look good too?
-About Community Service: what exactly counts for it? Should I help my school out at its public functions?
-I'm 2nd in my class. There's only about 30 people though.
-I made a 27 on my first ACT. So far, I've only taken one.
^Are any of these listed deals something that a college would like?^
-Anything else I need to know [about what colleges find appealing]

Sorry for the number of questions, but I'd appreciate it if you answered them all!
By the way, I do choose best answer. Thanks in advance!
taking college credits before u enter a college can only benefit ur college life by means of u only have to stay in that college for a shorter time than the average students...

of course if u got all As in the college credits, its a plus but mainly they look at u as a freshman, not as transfer student so...

u want to work on ur ACT and join more clubs

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