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Gay Fraternity?
Whats it like in a gay fraternity? Do you go through any type of hazing like in a regular fraternity? Thanks
I don't kow but are there gay friendly college's I wonder
Is it gay if my fraternity brothers put stuff in my butt when I am pledging?
Its not like I like it but I have to do this to get in.
This is a pathetic hazing technique used by pathetic fraternities.

Obviously they dont want people joining their organization if they insist on violating their new members.

Search out a more dignified fraternity on your campus, i would suggest Pi Kappa Alpha if it is available.

Good luck on searching for a less gay frat,

Stay clean bro!
I want to join this gay fraternity on campus?
but one of the rules is no sex with the other frat guys

so then whats the point of joining?
i've seen this same question at least a dozen times... TRY to limit yourself to the thousands of guys that don't live in the house... good grief...
Should i join this gay fraternity?
a new gay fraternity was just made on campus. but one of the rules is no sex with the other frat brothers

so then whats the point of joining?
Join and then have secret sex! It makes it so much better!
Would it be socially acceptable for a gay guy to be in a fraternity?
I'm not a gay man, but I'm just wondering because I'm writing a story and I want it to be accurate. Before I make a character gay I need to know if it is realistic.
It's very realistic. They might be ridiculed for it depending on the maturity of the other people in the fraternity. Make sure in your story that they don't try to make a move on an obviously straight character.

Also, think about this. A fraternity is a boys club, no girls allowed. They're all a bunch of horny dudes, and most initiation processes are done in the nude. Hmmmm.... Makes you wonder.
Gay guys: there is this gay fraternity i want to join but....?
of the rules is no having sex with the other member.

then whats the point of joining?
LOL great point! Join a straight fraternity, you'll have plenty of opportunity to blow the drunk frat boys, and in the morn they just pretend they don't remember what happened.
Isn’t ironic that the reason I don’t agree with most gay issues were my years in at a gay fraternity?
I was very active in a gay fraternity my freshman and sophomore years in college; I was the treasurer of my fraternity. Instead of making me a bigger supporter of gay issues, it made me a big opposer in gay issues.

1.- GAY PRIDE: I remember how the fraternity members would pressure and almost bully new members to tell their friends, parents, and people at work that they were gay. I was always against this, most of these new members were under 20 years ago, I was under 20 back then. A lot of these new members only wanted to be listened, only wanted to meet other gay people; they were not there to be bullied out of the closet.
Many times I felt uncomfortable by the pressure from the fraternity to always wear something with a rainbow on everywhere, especially to work.
What made completely disagree with Gay Pride was the Gay Pride Parade; many guyren were there watching half naked men acting like crazy and others dressed up as women. I think guys should be aware of what gay is, but not by parading semi-naked men on the street.

2.- WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE GAY: I don’t think people are born gay. In my case, I think it was because of having nothing but sisters, my dad never being around, and me being heavily bullied at Elementary school. However, there was never any room for any debate or talk about this; you HAD TO agree that gay people are born that way. I think it’s terrible the gay community doesn’t want anyone debating this; there should always be room for debate. I finally left the fraternity after the fraternity organized a protest against the library to remove any Psychology and Psychiatry book that didn’t teach that gays are born that way.

3.- GAY MARRIAGE: Being around so many gay people made me realize how illogical is to fight for gay marriage. Gay men are very very promiscuous, only a small number of gay couple ever last more than 4 years, defending the gay marriage seems illogical. Some people tell me the reason gay men aren’t together for too long is because of society, but I disagree: most lesbians have proven they have very long long monogamous relationships unlike gay men. I will support lesbian marriage, but not gay marriage.

I don’t like the way the gay community wants to impose their perspective on these gay issues. Since there’s no room for debate on the gay community, I feel can’t be a part of it.

Isn’t ironic that the reason I don’t agree with most gay issues were my years in at a gay fraternity?
I am so glad you have seen the light and wish you well

Ironic? Yes
Would You Join A Gay Fraternity?
Delta Lambda Phi, a national fraternity for "gay, bisexual and progressive men" with headquarters in Washington, D.C., is working hard to change that image, and it celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.…
yes i n a heart beat if i could
There is a progressive (gay) fraternity at my school, and I am thinking about joining?
But one of the rules is that you don't date, go out with, have sex, or become involved with another brother.

Why be in a gay fraternity if I can't fraternize?

I can see the pros and cons, but I just want to see what you all think.

(There is a gay sorority here too.)
If you aren't willing to stick to the rules to not date brothers don't join. I belong to a traditional sorority, 2 sisters hooked up/dated for awhile and when they broke up it caused drama beyond anything you could comprehend and more than any sensible person could put up with. I spent a lot of time in my boyfriends apartment that month.
Should you break the rules, since you will be close with your brothers, someone will find and you will get in trouble for it. Decide if having all the benefits of the fraternity are worth not dating the limited amount of guys in the group. Besides gay guys have gay friends you can go date your brothers friends.

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