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Gay men and lesbian women, would you feel comfortable or uncomfortable deeply kissing the opposite sex?
I have heard of a few gay actors who also like to play straight characters as well, which usually involves kissing the opposite sex as well (even though they are not attracted to the opposite sex).
I have a gay coworker who feels a bit "yechy" about kissing the opposite sex, and I have heard some lesbian women feel grossed out by kissing men. Though some do not feel uncomfortable/feel fine with it.

Gay men and lesbian women, would you feel comfortable or uncomfortable kissing the opposite sex?

Examples of a deep kiss:……
I'm perfectly comfortable kissing either gender. I love to kiss, and sad to say, a lot of women are better at it than most men. Guys do tend to make up for that small lack by being better at other things with their mouths though.
Straight guys who aren't homophobic?
Why aren't you homophobic?
Are you comfortable around gay people as you are around straight people?
What is your thought on bisexuality?
What would you do if your son was gay?
What are your thoughts on gay rights?
When you see gay men kissing are you disgusted?
Would you do a NOH8 photo? (It stands for "No Hate and Against Proposition 8)

Thanks! (:
-i'm just not

-yes but only if i'm not being hit on. i don't know how to act when i get hit on

-i was taught that it was more of a mental disorder than a sexual preference

-i would try to be supportive but i wouldn't know for sure how i would act until it actually happens

-they deserve them

-only if they're having a big makeout session. but that goes the same for everybody though. i don't like seeing heavy pda's.

-i wouldn't go out of my way to do one
I have decided to become gay!?
OK I have finally realised what I should have realised long ago! I hate women they are filthy, stupid, kaniving animals. God must have really been mad at men to make us co exist with these pieces of scum. Therefore I have decided to become a If you would like to be my boyfriend then email me. I am not interested in any g.ay. se.xual activity, am not interested in holding your hand, standing too close to you or sleeping in the same bed or watching you naked. I do not want to kiss you but only enjoy the perks of being a, like an impecable fashion sense, being able to tell girls there shoes are from last year, going to art galleries and drinking wine. Welcome me into my new life stile beyatches!
That was pretty funny actually.

And you aren't interested in sex? Pffft. I have yet to meet a "straight" guy who isn't. After a six pack or a joint we'll see how "not interested" you are when you are ******* on my big **** like all the others. Well OK not all that big, but it's OK.
I'm confused, it's driving me insane, I just need to talk about it, can anyone help me?
I am confused about my sexual orientation and have been for quite a while. I am a girl and am in my mid teens.
I realized that I liked girls a while ago, and at the time I started to consider myself bisexual. Now that I think about it more, I'm not sure that I actually am bisexual. I'm starting to feel like I only told myself that I was bisexual because I was afraid to except my true sexuality, and wanted to keep my life somewhat "normal" by dating guys.
The other day I was sitting on the couch, and I just had a thought pop into my head. For the first time ever, I knew that I didn't really like guys. Its not that I don't find some guy's bodies attractive and that I don't like being around them, but I really just do not want to date a guy. I don't know if this means that I'm a lesbian, or if I'm bisexual.
My mind still goes back and forth. I find pictures of more boyish men sexy, but even the more boyish guys at school don't appeal to me. I have gone out with several boys before, but all of them were very cold, they didn't really show any real affection towards me, and they seemed to only want to act overprotective and macho without any real insight to my feelings or even that I was in the same room as them.
Maybe I just haven't found the "right" boy, but I'm not sure.
I decided to date a girl that I had a crush on.
We went to the movies and the theme park. I've been over at her house and we always had a good time. Kissing her seemed more meaningful than kissing my boyfriends had. I'm not sure if this is because she was a girl instead of a boy, or if it was because I had a better connection with her.
We ended up splitting up because she wasn't totally sure about her own sexual orientation.
I do not want to do a lot of experimenting. i don't like to use people as a way for me to make sure, or try something out.
I'm not sure what to do now. there are girls that I really like and would like to get to know better. I dont know if any of them like girls or not, and if they do im not sure if I should finally tell my parents that i like girls. I've been waiting because I wanted to make sure before I blurted out something that I regretted. Both of my parents are very open minded and have nothing against gays.

I still dont even know if Im bisexual or not.
I really hate putting pictures up like this, but as far as who Im attracted to-
I really like the way this girl looks, I think shes hot:…

I like this boy too, but I guess he seems more "cute" to me, but he's defiantly good looking:…

I've havent had sex with either a guy or a girl and I dont want to until I find someone that is really special to me, but having sex with a girl doesn't really seem any more or less appealing than sex with a guy. I guess I'm a little strange because the actual sexual part of a relationship is less important to me than the rest of it.

what thought do you guys have on my situation? should I tell anyone? should I wait?
thanx so much =]
I personally think you're lesbian because u said u have no interest in being with guys anymore, but u do with girls. I still occassionaly will see a guy and say to myself, he's a cutie, but that it, afterwards its over and done with and its like i never saw him. However, if i see a hot chick I'll be like damn she's sexy as heII. You'd really know you're sexuality if u were to go out with a girl because u would know if it was your cup of tea or not.

As for coming out, I'd wait until you were 100% sure that lesbian (or bi) is what u are. Don't go telling other unless you are sure for yourself. Are there any girls you like at school or something?

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