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Is there any difference between a male buttocks and female buttocks (Shape)?
Is there any difference between a male butt and female butt? I have seen some girls with tight jeans – the shape really different from shape of male butt. I am 14 year of age and really interested to know the secret. Is there any websites which will give me clear idea about shape of human body?
Yes, there are many. Google helped me find a few, just type in "difference between male and female"
Can a male increase his buttocks size (fat not muscles) without excercise?
I mean how to make fats accumulate in the buttocks area..
Twinkies. Lots and lots of Twinkies and no exercise. Of course it will make the rest of you fatter too.
Do men get cellulite, i have it on my buttocks and im a male?
Ok im kind of freaking out, i noticed i have cellulite on my buttocks this morning and im a 30 year old male, is this normal? please no joke answers... thanks.
Yes dude:men can get it too:just like women.
Means you need to loose some weight.
Ladies, do you get mad when male friends slap you on the buttocks and call you 'sweet cheeks'?
Does this offend you, or do you find it amusing? Some women really don't seem to care for it; others find it cute.
I HATEEE it with a passion. I think I wouldn't mind it if it's my close guy friends doing it as a joke but the guys in my class do it and say shiz like "You'd get it" or try and fondle my breasts and telling me i'm sexy. It drives me mad.
I'm a male with stretch marks around my thighs and buttocks, why?
I'm 20 years old and they've been there for a long time, but Ive never really gained a significant amount of weight. I'm very tall and skinny actually... Why are they there?

Is there any creams or something I can buy to get rid of them?
no cream will get rid of them
the good news
women wont ever notice
and if they do
they wont care
some skin isnt as "stretchy" as other skin
that is why some women get stretch marks during pregs and others dont

you just grew more then your skin could

The male buttocks?
men's butts! playing with straight ones. why they so uptight. their buttocks!
because guys think if a woman plays with there butt and or anywhere near there hole, they will feel like less of a man and think there partner will think they are gay, so they act all tough...when in reality, if they let the woman work her magic they will not only love it, but have a even more amazing orgasim
Do females look at a males buttocks when they check him out?
Is it just me or when everytime i walk by a female she looks at my buttocks.
Me and my bestfriend talk about this regularly. It's common for some girls to check out a guys ***, just as they would a girls.

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