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Who should I have lesbian sex with? MATURE ANSWERS ONLY!!?
I have had sex with a girl before but it was a camp thing and never amounted to anything. Now I am questioning my sexuality and would like to know who to ask to make out with me. I want it to be a girl and someone I'm close to. I don't know if my friends are lesbian or not, they don't date a lot really. Like should I ask family or something? MATURE ANSWERS ONLY!
You will eventually find the right woman who will want to kiss you. Sometimes there are experimental gals out there with whom you can try kissing.
Most of us lesbians and bisexual babes are interested in being romantic with someone we feel close and intimate with, and not with just some dame we kinda know as an acquaintance.
Need sex adive (lesbian and mature answers please)?
so, i recently was joined with my partner of 6 months in a civil partnership. Whilst we were on our 'honeymoon' we engaged in our first sexual experience with eachother as we felt it would be better and more rewarding if we waiting until we were 'married' I believe we did not connect in a sexual manner as i didn't feel and strong sexual feelings and found it increasingly difficult to orgasm. Are there any things i could do you improve/develop our sex life? whether it be tips, advice?
many thanks.
Are you physically attracted to her, but are just having difficulty enjoying yourself? Or are you not feeling a physical attraction at all?

If there's no physical attraction, that's bad. And I'm not sure that can be fixed, or at least not easily.

If there is attraction but you're having satisfaction problems, try figuring out what feels good to you (on your own) and then letting her on it. Ask your partner to help you fulfill a sexual fantasy, something like that.

All else fails: sex therapy.
How To Ask a Friend to Have Sex With Me? (Mature Answers Only)?
So ,i wanna ask a girlfriend to have sex with me (lesbian) we're both straight but i just wanna i wanna kiss her&scissor&eat her out ...but i don't know who to ask or how to ask? help ,and this is SERIOUS!
take the time to think about how you would respond if the situation were reversed. then plan your approach. ask her for a minute of her time in private. When in private and you are confidant no one is within earshot start by thanking her for her time. Then ask her what she would do if you made a pass at her{ hypothetically speaking}. Gauge by her answer as to whether you continue on the line or stop it. If she admits she would be willing to explore the possibility then further explain your intentions. Explain that you are physically attracted to her and would like to explore a tryst with her. You must make it clear that you are experimenting with your sexuality and would like it if she was to be the one to help you explore it. Explain that you are extremely curious about your sexuality and yearn to explore a woman's body ; preferably hers . ask her whether she would like you to court her first [ wine and dine ] or just jump her bones at the first opportunity convenient for you both.
If you state your case clearly and free from emotion , she will view your curiosity with an open mind and may even consent . Be open to rejection and take it in a calm rational manner. Whether the answer is yes or no , thank her for her time and for considering your request. It may be prudent to allow her some time to contemplate your advance and digest the implications .Thank her for her time and take your leave ; allowing her to think about it in her own time. good luck and I hope you succeed. ps , the last thing you want to do is alienate an friend by causing dis harmony , so ensure she is just as comfortable as you in experimenting with sexuality.
Parents or future mom's or dad's: What would you do if your teen guy was gay/ lesbian & found having sex?
I am 16, and have always wondered if parents would treat their guy the same as if they were risking pregnancy/ aids in straight relationship. Pregnancy would obviously be ruled out, but if they were both mature enough to be monogamous with having sex together, would you allow your ( 15, 16, 17) teen to have sex?
I don't have guyren, but I do want 4 babies in the future :) I wouldn't care if my son was gay or my daughter was a lesbian. I would be happy for them that they are happy and I would love them regardless of their sexuality. It wouldn't change anything. They'd still be my guyren and I would still love them. I would never let go. I wouldn't be happy if they were having sex at 15, in-fact I wouldn't allow them to do it, but if they're going to have sex they're going to do it behind my back anyways. I would prefer that they have sex when they're 18, because at 16 you're still a young. I'm 17 and still a virgin. I would be happy and okay with them having sex as long as they're in a loving and happy relationship.
Does it mean you're a lesbian if you dont enjoy sex?
Hi, last night I had sex with this guy and I didnt really enjoy it. I havent done it many times so I'm kind of new with the whole sex thing. This guy is really nice, but he's like a f**k buddy. I'm not massively attracted to him. We had sex and I didnt really enjoy it that much. I was kind of in a low mood because I was feeling sad about my ex boyfriend earlier. Is there something wrong with me because I dont enjoy sex? Does it make me a lesbian?

Mature answers please
No, that alone doesn't mean you're a lesbian. You answered your own question here: you said you weren't really attracted to this guy, and you weren't in the mood for sex. Also, because you don't have much sexual experience, you're probably still a bit insecure about being physically intimate. This is all normal. Men mature sexually very quickly; it takes women longer. Don't force yourself to have sex because that's what you THINK you should be doing. Wait for a guy to come along whom you are extraordinarily attracted to and who cares about you, and you'll find your body knows exactly how to interact with his to give you both pleasure.
Why do guys freak out when they see gay guys kissing eachother, but they love watching lesbian chicks have sex?
all the guys i know freak out at the site of gay guys doing anything with eachother. but when they see 2 girls doing things they get a ***** and actually like watching that to turn them on. we all know that girls are much more mature than guys and can handle seeing either. we can be respectful about that where as guys completely gross out and fake gagging and making faces.
I don't know!

Because really, lesbianism is the ultimate male rejection. I have no idea why guys find it erotic. Maybe in their fevered little minds they think that they want a guy to join in.

I find displays of homosexual sex repulsive.
Mature Adults (questions about Sex)?
I have alot of questions now: MEN, do you actually find that women who are virgins are more sexier than women who are not... well would you like to have sex with a beginner (virgin) or is it too much work and not exciting enough? Women, do u think its weird for a man to have alot of condoms, would you think he was having sex with other women because of his high number of condoms or would you think hes just being safe? Is it weird for a man to have the KY jelly instead of the woman? Is it weird for a man to do a women anally or for a woman to ask for anal sex, would you suspect that something is wrong with a person (suspect that their gay/lesbian) who is giving or receiving anal sex? Getting Oral sex with a condom on, is that necessary? Please answer these questions, wanna hear what you think if youre gonna come on here say "I dont know" and "I just want 2 points" dont answer the questions this is for the mature adults that have smart and interesting information. Thank you.
i dont know about sexier, because i've never had sex. but i'd chose the virgin no matter how bad she was. then i would know that she's not slutty and sleeps around alot. i will marry a virgin i can guarantee you that.
Does this make me a lesbian? (MATURE ANDSWERS ONLY!)?
I'm 13 almost 14, and I look at girls a lot thinking they're completely beautiful. My mom says I just admire they're looks, but I didn't tell her that I imagine I'm a guy, (having sex with them)..

I don't know why. I just do, but does that make me a lesbian, because I like guys a lot more, and I don't wanna be a lesbian. But, I think girls are super pretty and fantisize about them. What does this mean, please don't be gross or immature..
Guy's how do I tell him I am not ready for sex? ( Mature eyes only )?
I am a bisexual girl, and I find it hard to want to do things with a guy ( No not a lesbian). I like him, but I just need time. He is very understanding, and he hasn't pressured me at all. The last week we have started doing things: I get on top of him and ride against him ( dry sex, TMI), and he fingers me. I am not ready to give hj's/ bj's, and I wouldn't mind if he agreed to stop as well with fingering ( hard to give up for me lol ). He enjoys doing it, but I don't want to use him and not return the favor. Should I make him stop, and wait? Thanks for any advice!
Be up front and honest. Its your choice and your body, screw it if he doesnt like it. Its not his choice.
A lesbian and gay marriage decision .need a mature suggestion plz help thanks!?
ok im a 19 yr old indian lesbian. lesbianism isn;t legal in our society and so is not gay realtion.this guy whose 24 yr old found me at lesbian website and proposed me for a commitment marriage,that we'll stay frnds and in front of society we'll be husband n wife n so we both will be happy. being a lesbian since i cant tolerate a man getting close to me even so forget about sex with is the case with him too but he told me a wierd thing.that we should have atleast a single chil of our own to resist the taunts of the society....n he even adds to this that for once we'll do it n then never...n so this way we wont be hurting each others feelings too...btu my problem is not related to feelings ... my main reason to become a lesbian is i dont want to go for sex with any man n never pregnant....i just hate loosing my virginity..i just never want to. n hes asking me exactly wat i dont where it makes a diff that that whther i marry a gay or a straight?.i suggested him that we can adopt a guy n we need not tell the society abt the far as are parents are concerned we can tell them that im not able enugh to bear a guy... but he says im a guy so im not understandign what problems are tehre of society....i think hes exagerating...i think there is a possiblity in which im sayng... n hes simply giving excuses for sex.. but then i think why wud he approach a lesb for this ??he can go for a straight girl...

what do u think what should i do?who is wrong n whose right n what should be done correct about it...please u'd b very helpful thanks....i really need a mature n sensible suggestions
He should respect your feelings ! Many women cannot bear guyren, so adoption is the right way to go; but make sure he really wants a guy - not just sex ! !

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