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Why are people on YA so negative about thongs at the beach?
I have seen a couple of questions recently where people have been really against them, saying that they'll harm guyren who see them etc. A lot of the people who are hostile seem to be young teens, themselves.

In many parts of Europe, they're very much the norm - why are people so down on them in the English-speaking world?
Harm guyren? That is ridiculous. Seeing someone's butt isn't going to scar a guy for life. I think some people are too uptight about nudity. It's the human body, it's not like it's something we've never seen before.
Should I buy my 13 year old daughter a thong?
I am a proud father of my 13 year old daughter Kristin and she recently asked for me to buy her thong panties and thong swimwear. I think she is a great guy as she has a 4.0 G.P.A and she never has gotten in any trouble but I am worried about this. I never had a reason to doubt her before and I am raising her by myself. It's just that I know when I go to the beach and see a young teen in a thong, as a 33 year old guy, I know it would excite me. I can only imagine if the boys know she is wearing it, what it may do. I dont want her pregnant and I dont want older guys on the beach to be checking her out. What, should I do? She is a very pretty innocent girl, and I dont want her to be some older mans masturbation fantasy. Should I just say no?
Thong underwear would be perfectly fine. I came from a strict, private school, and wasn't anywhere near sleazy, but, at age 13, I had a pair or 2 of thong underwear... and so did every other girl I knew. With today's fashion, it's impossible for a teenage girl to get away with wearing regular underwear and still wear clothes that are in style. Can you imagine wearing regular underwear in those low-rise, skinny fit jeans? It's just for the clothes, not for people to see. It won't bother anyone is no one knows it's there.

My mother bought me one. If you won't buy her one, she'll find a way to get one on her own... or one of her friends will give her one. That's what all of my friends did whose parents wouldn't get them one.

As for swimwear, I definitely would not. No girl under 18 should wear thongs in public. It would be absolutely inappropriate. If I saw any girl wearing a thong bikini, especially at age 13, I would assume that she was extremely promiscuous, if not an actual stripper.

Yes for underwear, no for swimwear.
Is it really so wrong to want to buy a thong?
hi (: lol.well, im a 14 year old girl and i was searching some questions on here about thongs, and a lot of people seem to think that when your in your young teens you shouldnt wear just a little confused,becuase theres a lot of mixed opinions out there :P is it wrong to...want to buy a thong, just becuase they're cute?i mean, im deffinately not the type to run around showing off my underwear, but i really dont have visible panty curious to what they feel like, and i just want know, try it out :P. do you think its skanky/wrong for me to want to wear thongs just for the hell of it?any answers or opinions would be greatly appreciated.thanks! (:
Its not skanky at all! Its only skanky if your wearing really low rise jeans or sweats, and your thong is obviously showing.
I got my first thong shortly after my fourteenth birthday.
Haha and it feels sorta weird at first, but you get used to it :p

Oh and I suggest aerie, they have really cute ones, and their really soft and comfortable [:
Is the Lolita look the new way to dress young girls?
I've notice since about 1998/1999 up to now, the styles being marketed to girls 12 and under are much more adult, like excess makeup, wedged heels that are like 1-2", and clothing that looks similar to teens and young adults. I haven't seen a young guy in a thong but someone mentioned on a website I frequent that in the store one day they saw a girl they thought was 15; she had a padded bra, makeup, and teased/styled hair, and a thong peaking out of her pants and the poster was shocked and appaled.

I've seen a girl as young as 6 wear wedged sandals similar to mine and a girl who's now 12, but was 11 at the time wear platform sandals and boots that made her appear taller than me. I'm 5'0 and she was almost 5'0 herself and yes she was a bratty guy, lol.

I feel like it's gotten worse from 1998.
It may be "the new way" - but I'm not a sheep, I'm a parent, and my daughter does not and will not dress like that.
I just found out that my young daughter wears thongs. SHould I panic?
I know they are whats in fashion now but if she does this and I didnt know about it( she never added them to her normal laundry pile and would wash them when no one was home), what else might she be doing that I dont know about. ARe thongs a sign that your teen is sexually active and wants to show off her butt to boys.?
Well, sometimes women wear thongs because the type of pants and or skirts they wear so we won't have a "panty line" as we call it. Doesn't neccessarily mean she is sexually active, but it could. Just sit down and talk to her about it. Just don't make it a big deal because she won't talk to you.
What should i do about my freind?
I know when ppl say they have a freind who , , , their usually talking about themselves but this time its true. I would also ask that nobody reort me b/c this is a sincere question. The other day I got on my computer and i saw in the history that my freind had been looking up some pretty messed up stuff. There are certain sites on the internet that show preteen to young teen girls non nude but scantily clad in underwear and thongs and so on. When I confronted him about it he told me to calm down so he could explain. He said that He isnt actually attracted to guys and that he would never actually try and do anything with one but he likes looking at the pix b/c its such a taboo thing to do so. The taboo factor alone turns him on is what he said. What should I make of this? I should also mention that we are both young guys in our 20s so maybe its just his hormones i dont know.
As you describe it there is nothing illegal on there, so there isn't much you can do. However the laws are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. From my understanding in most places guyren can be photographed and posted naked, but while the guy is naked or the guy's genitals are exposed the guy can not be involved in any real or suggested sexual actively. In addition, the photos can not focus exclusively on the guy's genitals. The whole thing leave much to interpretation. For example, a little boy holding his penis while trying to pee on the family cat can be a hularious photo with very innocent intentions. The wrong judge however could deem it to be guy pornography and the photographer or whomever has the photo on his/her hard drive labeled a sex offender.
If it is your computer you can ask your friend not to use it for searching out images of guyren that you find offensive. There is definitely a creepy factor to the whole thing though.
Does my boyfriend have a sex addiction? Do I stay or go, I need help with this?
I think my boyfriend has a sex addiction. I will give deatails and can you please help me determine if he's just the type who has to get what he wants or if he has a sex addiction.

1. I ask to borrow his cell to use the internet at his house sometimes and whenever I do there is porn on the history main page, usually hot sexy girls in thongs, very young girls in thongs, teen p u s * Y, and ive once even found 12 year olds in thongs. This was all typed in google images search engine.

2. He wants sex every single night pretty much, which doesnt sound bad right? But, he constantly is grabbing at my breasts in the daytime through my shirt, slapping my ***, trying to grab and pinch at it, i'll think he's coming to give me a nice hug and he puts his arms around me and slips his hands down the back of my pants.
He doesn't stop no matter how mad I get.

2. If I say I don't want to have sex he can't take no for an answer, and he gets really peeved off. If we are laying in bed and watching a movie and he wants it and I say no, he will keep trying to kiss my neckand touch me and if I say don't he will get all peeved off even more.

3. I know he doesn't and wouldn't cheat on me. I know that for a fact that he has'nt.
The only thing is, if he was drunk and a girl came onto him that was hot, I don't know what he would do if I was'nt there. He said he would not do anything regardless if he was drunk.
He also doesn't talk to other girls over the internet or texting.

4. It makes me feel bad when i'll first get to his house after not seeing him for a few days and he immediatly wants to go have sex. If he wants it bad enough he will bug and bug till he gets it. I feel like thats all he wants but he says not, and its bc i'm so hot. I do not think so.

If I could, we'd have sex twice a week and thats it.
He's 18. Do I really need to say more? If he were drunk and a girl came onto him, he would have sex with her.

Also, it is like he is using you for sex, you are a sexual object and this becomes sexual abuse. In addition, he whines when he doesn't get his way, GROW UP. We don't always get our way in life.

It's like when you lay down with a guy and he humps your leg because he wants to have sex and then he don't stop, it gets pretty darned annoying.

Need help....?
once again i just figured this would b the place for this question....

i admit that i masterbate....but i really wanna know if my girlfriend not saying i want to do anything with her cause we are only in the young teens but i just want to know....i also want to know if she has a thong....i feel that my girlfriend and i are mature enough to discuss it (we've been dating 2 years im almost 14 shes 13) but i think it would b it weird to want to know that....and how can i find the answer without coming off as a jerk
It depends on the girl, some 14 y/o girls might admit they do but I bet most won't admit it. I did at her age but I never admited it....I don't think anyone ever asked me though.

It's actually quite a natural thing for everyone, not jusy guys. Ask her not when you're making out or anything, but say hey I read this funny story online about a guy in 7th grade in IL, he was masturbating and he was using Crisco, that big tub of cooking fat and two of his buddies walked in on him! YES, it happened in my school(it was 1987 but it still happened!).
She'll laugh and then you broke the ice an you can ask her if she does, be cool about it though please! If she's comfortable enough with you she may admit it.

Does she wear a thong? Well does it matter really? I mean would you think of her in a thong while you're masterbating? Then you probably are a jerk! : ) If you really want to know watch when she bends over to see if it rides above her waistline.

I'm sure people will call you a perv and a jerk but you sound like a typical 14 year old to me!
Nudity on the beach?
my gf and i recently wanted to try out a nudist beach,we arent nudists but thought it might be fun to try she bought a see thru G string bather for the occasion.on the day i stripped off first she thought it a good idea to wear the see thru thong bathers at least she had something on till she was comfortable totaly nude,we notice most people wore nothing and a the people had lot of pubic hair whilst we are smoothies,are there any baldies go to these beaches?,she was very shy about being nude and her prominent labia and that blokes would look,i wasnt bothered if they did or not but the fact was she thinks people would look i think they looked more cos she had a see thru bather on and it was a sexy look i told her nude men perv on nude girls in that way?
I mean there were young teens there too in families which made me think why do people do it,my gf asked if it was right,i felt great with it,being nude with these people made me feel as one with them.
The nude beach is an absolutely awesome place! I'm 21 and have been going for 4 years. There is noithing like being naked on a beach on a warm sunny day!

Sometimes girls are a little shy the first time they get naked in public (I was at first, but only for a few minutes until I got comfortable with being naked in front of so many people.) That shyness passes after awhile, and believe me, once you're OK with beach nudity you'll never want to wear a bathing suit again.

Everyone at the nude beach looks at everybody else - it's natural - but rarely does anyone act like a real perv. As girls, we get used to this after awhile and it doesn't make any difference to us whether a guy stares between our legs or at our boobs - that's his problem, not ours. There's no reason for your girlfriend to give up the pleasure of being naked on the beach simply because some guy might look at her vagina. She'll get over that very quickly, believe me!

Enjoy the nude's absolutely wonderful!

Bare hugs...!
I sent a guy a picture and I need help, fast.?
I'm a young teen and a few weeks ago I sent a guy a picture of me in a bra and a thong. I really truely regret it, and I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I have no idea what's going to happen to those pictures or where there gonna end up. Everytime i think about this my heart sinks. I've been loosing sleep, and crying alot. All I can think about is my future and where that one stupid mistake will come into play and ruin everything. Somebody please help, I have no idea what to do. :/
Well, you shouldn't have done it in the first place. No guy is worth your pride. But what's done is done and it can't be changed. Just learn from that mistake and don't do it again. And just a bit of advice here, guys will do and say anything to you to get your clothes off and pose for them. Don't be naive and fall for what they say. Guys like that are not worth your time and especially the stress that you are going through now.

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